The best erotic massage parlors from Romania !

General recommendations :

  • have a friendly attitude towards the whole staff of the salon
  • mention since reception if you have clear requirements from wich you do not deviate, preferences, desired techniques, fantasies, because not all the masseuses can accomplish them
  • generally, choose masseuses who are smiling, friendly, opened, and that they have eye contact with you
  • make sure you have a proper hygiene to avoid creating discomfort to masseuses
  • remember that although paying for a service, masseuses are women, and as a result, there may be times when the masseues can get disturbed by certain gestures, touches, words, situations, so please, as much as possible, respect also their requirements
  • appreciate the staff for their services if you have been satisfied
  • use a calm voice, according to a massage salon, even if you have complaints
  • ensure your personal belongings, do not give your credit cards, wallet, phone to anyone, also be aware of where you have put them; we do not respond of things alienated, lost or forgotten belongings
  • because of the products used (oil / massage cream) and of the low light, there is the posibility to slip; walk carefully and use the slippers that you have received
  • masseuses reserves the right to refuse a massage session in case that after you have undressed yourself, skin or hygiene problems emerge.
The best erotic massage parlors from Romania !